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The Lightning Rod


Liva "LAP BX-175 Active Lightning Rod" Early Flow Excitation System (Early Streamer Emision the [ESE]) works according to the principle. Lightning arrester, lightning metal parts to move against chemical interaction and corrosion of stainless steel (Inox) was produced from the material. This feature provides robust and durable for a long time remain as the first day of the lightning protection against severe natural conditions.
OPERATING SYSTEM: Early Flow Excitation System (Early Streamer Emision the [ESE]) working on the principle of Electro Atmospheric Field Effect LAP-BX 175 LIVA Active Lightning Rod, consisting of energy in the air is of electrostatic and electromagnetic field intensity change. Title; As seen in the picture, grounded, middle mile from the isolated and sahiptir.çalış of a High Voltage Pulse Generator with free potential: electric field intensity in the atmosphere in cases where intense electrical charge Thunderstorm clouds 10 to 20 kV / m rises up. When the electric field Thunderstorms cloud reaches values which lightning may fall due (50 kV / m is greater), Lightning Rod Electro thanks to the Energy Block stores this energy and begin to generate high voltage pulses at short intervals. These pulses are revealed discharged ions into the ion tunnel through three ion electrode. Thunderstorms charged ions from the ion cloud spreading towards the tunnel between the head and the clouds form a leading charge path. When the electric field distribution is changed, or when the electric field intensity increases, increases in the emerging and developing cloud the title of the leading discharge strokes. These strokes are the leading discharge strokes that provide the lightning and the capture continues until lightning occurs.
LAP BX-175 Active Lightning High Voltage Pulse Generator violence through the electric field between the ground and the cloud, however, return to running the risk of lightning occur. This structure provides a high level of ions at the energy block.
After catching process has occured, LIVA Active Lightning is ready to start a new cycle.
Metal used: the lightning rod, stainless steel is used considering the severe natural conditions.
Capture Lightning Rod: A 25 mm diameter made of stainless steel, is the part that captures lightning.
Electro Energy Block: In the center shaft within the independent section containing the high-voltage pulse generator.
Ion Electrodes: Electrodes are enabling the creation of high-voltage pulses produced in ion high-voltage pulse generator.
Earthing Connection Electrode: the 25 mm diameter made of stainless steel, the electrical charge generated by the lightning conductors and ground connection portion that transfers through the terminals.
Direct Connection Adapter: A lightning rod is 2 inches without using any apparatus which connects the mast.
LAP BX-175 Active Lightning Rod has proved its quality through various tests in a laboratory environment. The tests are given below.
Lightning Rod Lightning Strike Tension Jumping Time (Dt) Test: Lightning Rod 15-16 March 2007 at METU Electric-Electronic Section NFC High Voltage Laboratory 17-102 (Appendix C) Standard lightning voltage jump (Early Streamer Warning) time (Dt ) Tested and certified to comply with the relevant standards of the lightning rod.
Lightning Rod Strike Tension High Current Pulse (Short Circuit kA) Test: Lightning METU on Title June 15 2007 Electrical and Electronics Department of High Voltage Laboratory in 25ka'lik flow tested through a coup and has been documented to be deterioration or change in properties.
Warranty: Warranty Certificate has 30 years of Industry and Trade Ministry.



Liva Group About Us

Liva Group, which operated in the fields of Electric and Automation in the first years, started works related to the manufacturing sector in the following years and concentrated the first product designs on the Lightning Protection Systems. 
As a result of long studies, the company finished product works related to Active Lightning Rods in 2003 and by accomplishing the tests and designs, the first “Liva Active Lightning Rod Prototype “was produced. 

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