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Liva Groups still managed a first in Turkey, Live Active Piezo Crystals Lightning rods (LAP-PEX 220)

LIVA "LAP-PEX 220 Active Lightning Rod" Early Flow Excitation System (Early Streamer Emision [ESE]) and operates according to the principle of the piezo crystal. Bearing the lightning Metal parts against corrosion and stainless steel (Inox) material. This feature of the lightning rod against severe natural conditions allows you to stay strong and durable for a long time as the first day.

OPERATING SYSTEM: Early Flow Excitation System (Early Streamer Emision [ESE]), working on the principle of Atmospheric Electric Field Effect LAP-PEX 220 LIVA Active Lightning Rod, electrostatic and electromagnetic field energy density of the air and the wind changes take effect. The title, as shown in the figure, the middle shaft is sealed and a high-voltage pulse generator according to him, has the potential to release and wind energy generator that produces electricity has a second.

 Operating: Heavy thunderstorm clouds form when electrically charged atmosphere, the electric field strength of 10 to 20 kV / m thunderstorm clouds due to lightning fall reaches values up yükselir.Elektrik area (50 kV / m of the above), the title of lightning electric energy thanks to the atmospheric energy block starts in stores and at short intervals to create high-voltage pulses blows through three ion tunnel ion electrode installed in thunderstorm clouds are spread across the electrodes çıkartırlar.İyon that ions are discharged ions, a pioneer of the cloud with the title changed or electric field distribution in the discharge path oluştururlar.Elekterik increases the severity of the leading discharge pulses are rising and descending from the cloud blows artar.Bu developing leading provider of capture lightning and lightning pulses will continue until ejaculation.

Liva Group About Us

Liva Group, which operated in the fields of Electric and Automation in the first years, started works related to the manufacturing sector in the following years and concentrated the first product designs on the Lightning Protection Systems. 
As a result of long studies, the company finished product works related to Active Lightning Rods in 2003 and by accomplishing the tests and designs, the first “Liva Active Lightning Rod Prototype “was produced. 

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